St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) June 12, 2013

Production by Ford for its diesel truck division has increased since the 1990s. The Super Duty variants and Econoline van series have relied upon the technologies used in the engine development. The company sells preowned Ford motors and has now added the used Ford 6.0 diesel engine online at The inclusion of this engine is expected to help mechanics, truck owners and other buyers to purchase for a reduced price online. This 6.0 series is in addition to the 7.3 Powerstroke added earlier this year and found in the company database.

The increased amount of compression for diesels allows a larger range of horsepower compared with a gasoline motor. The development put forth by Ford engineers to improve the quality of power helped to promote the Super Duty and Econoline brands to consumers around the world.

The addition of the 6.0 engine inside the Got Diesel Engines Co. database is one step made by this company this year to improve the amount of discounted inventory available to the public. Recently completed contracts with suppliers have made the Powerstroke inventory updates possible at the current price points.

The additions of this new inventory can now be searched inside the complete company database online. A quote system has been installed for buyers to locate the prices for the current inventory for sale. Search criteria now used to process price quotes includes the year of each engine and the make required. A match returned in the company database can be quoted from each supplier offering engine discounts. This multiple price quote strategy is designed to present the lowest pricing currently available for each engine type. Modifications and updates are made to this system to keep quotation data accurate.

The Ford inclusions of diesel motors this year is one example of the upgrades made to improve the company inventory offered online. Engines from manufacturers like Cummins and GM have recently been included for the truck series. The news release published online at introduced the public to the Cummins 4BT series now available online.

The price point for this engine series is designed to match the new Ford discounts announced to engine buyers. New additions to the supply network are expected to be announced to broaden the motors now searchable online.


The company works with a growing number of U.S. supply companies distributing secondary market diesel engines. This company has constructed its simple to use database online to provide consumer access to discounted pricing and in stock inventory. The company management is comprised of specialists in the automotive industry who make frequent changes to the supply chain to provide better pricing to customers. The company website has recently been updated to include a better quotation system. Online pricing is now possible using the quote system and toll-free telephone number assistance is now provided to customers with the new toll-free number in place.