Five tips to maximize your mailing list signups

Include a signup form on every page One of the most effective ways to drive mailing list subscriptions is to invite users to subscribe on as frequent a basis as possible. A dead simple way to do this is to include a signup form on every page of your website. Location can vary; some sites feature signup forms in headers, sidebars or in the middle of page content, while others place them less conspicuously in page footers. Obviously, the more prominent the positioning, the more likely it is that users will see the form, so as a general rule, footer signup forms don't work as well. The New York Times includes signup forms for its email newsletters in article content. Make sure the call-to-action is descriptive if not compelling The appeal of signing up to your mailing list might be obvious to you, but is it obvious to your users? A compelling call-to-action is an incredibly important factor in driving mailing list signups, but far too many companies still use weak calls-to-action like "sign up for our email list." Calls-to-action should always describe the value provided. For example, "sign up for our email list to receive exclusive offers" or "sign up for our mailing list and get early access to special events" is a reasonably strong call-to-action. High-end retailer Barneys New York might have a well-known brand, but its call-to-action on the email signup form below leaves a lot to be desired. In some cases, it can be worthwhile to employ calls-to-action that encourage users to subscribe with a direct incentive. For instance, some retailers offer the promise of a coupon in exchange for a signup ("sign up for our email list and receive 25% off [...]

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Five ways to utilize your data to increase sales

Only 0.5% of data available is used, as the sheer amount and complexity of the data intimidates companies. Many believe that only large enterprises have the resources to utilize big data, yet small businesses can easily take advantage of it as well.   Making sense of this information can be overwhelming, but once you discover a way to integrate it into your own decision-making process, you’ll quickly realize the myriad of new sales opportunities that are now at your disposal.  1. Analyze old data Your historical sales data holds valuable information that can be leveraged to improve sales efforts at each stage of the funnel. By identifying which sales tactics work best, you’ll be able to gradually refine your approach and improve conversion rates each time. In order to do this, gather all of your data from past leads, opportunities and sales transactions and input them into a CRM software. With all of your historical data stored and organized in one place, you’ll be able to analyze which strategies worked best for each customer or product segment. Historical data can also be used to improve sales forecasts, allowing you to identify high-value targets and better allocate potential opportunities and new leads. Having your sales team concentrate on only the most promising opportunities will rapidly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales efforts. 2. Optimize pricing Pricing can be one of the biggest challenges of introducing a new product. Pricing too high can drive customers away, yet pricing too low can erode your profit margins and even customer perception. In addition to external research (e.g. tracking the competitive landscape and market opportunity), carefully analyze past transactions and your customer base. Using data from your CRM [...]

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