Email Marketing Industry Census 2017

The 11th annual Email Marketing Industry Census, published in partnership with Adestra, is based on the largest UK survey of email marketers. The census takes an in-depth look at email practices being adopted, the resources being dedicated to email and the channel's effectiveness compared to other types of marketing. Personalisation, marketing automation, optimisation for different devices and the future of email are all themes that are revisited in this year's Census, and there are also new questions about the use of metrics, the application of artificial intelligence and the impact of Brexit on how companies are approaching the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With 11 years' worth of data to assess, this provides an unparalleled opportunity to measure the state of the industry and find out how those at the coalface of email marketing are operating. Over 1,000 respondents took part in the 2017 Census, which took the form of an online survey in February and March 2017. What you'll learn Find out how a variety of trends around email practices, budgets and opinions have changed over 11 years. Discover other marketers' opinions on what the future of email will look like. Benchmark your own practices with the activities of marketers maximising their email efforts. Understand the challenges organisations are facing in improving their email capabilities. Key findings from the report Marketers get to grips with automation, helped by improved technology Email reigns supreme when it comes to delivering ROI, though companies must do more to measure success Companies are still under-investing in a channel which drove an estimated £29bn in UK online retail sales in 2016 Companies continue to adapt to consumer use of different devices True personalisation at scale remains elusive for many businesses, though more companies [...]

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Email newsletter sign-ups: How fashion brands welcome new subscribers

As a result - and as our Email Marketing Census highlights - almost three-quarters of companies now rate email marketing as delivering an excellent ROI. But are retailers really using emails to excellent effect? From data capture to saying hello, here’s a look at the email sign-up process offered by a range of online retailers. Let’s start with the best of the bunch. Gap Long sign-up forms can be off-putting, especially when it stretches to birthday or category preferences. Despite Gap’s longer-than-average form, signing up turns out to be worth the effort. With an impressive 20% discount for new customers, Gap delivers one of the most generous welcomes around. By not giving away the offer before the customer signs up, yet making it the surprise focal point of the email, it demonstrates how a brand can capture customer loyalty from the get-go. Actively promoting the 20% discount might increase sign ups, but it might also just attract one-time bargain hunters. ASOS Unlike Gap, ASOS just can’t resist promoting its incentive of a 15% discount. An upfront approach that suits a similarly in-your-face brand, ASOS is all about cool design and clever copywriting.  With playful language like “No likey – no problem” – the emails speak to a clear demographic.  Despite this potentially polarising tone of voice, anyone agreeing to receive a ‘fash-tastic’ newsletter surely knows what they’re signing up for. Joy Calling anything a ‘club’ makes it seem far more exclusive than it actually is.  By playing up to this angle as well as including an additional incentive of a £250 prize, Joy’s email sign up is one of the most attractive examples. Likewise, so is its welcome email. Showcasing four reasons to love being part [...]

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Key Benefits of Bulk Mailer Software for Companies

Nowadays, several kinds of software are developed for saving our time and make the work faster. When we want to send lots of mail to different individuals so it takes a lot of time to send. Advance Bulk Mailer is specially designed for email marketing which is able to send and monitor messages in bulk form. Mostly people think that how we can reach hundreds of customers in minimum possible time. Bulk email marketing can give you the answer to this question. This blog will tell you the advantages of this software, briefly- • Email Marketing agencies- In my opinion, almost 80% individuals are not having an idea about the spam letters. It means how a letter is recognized and comes under the category of spam. In this era, many internet security agencies are active to check each and every email. As well as, it counts the number of emails which were sent by the same email id. If the limit of sending the emails is crossed, then it may be classified the content as a spam. If you don't want to block your offer by email filters, then contact to an email marketing agency and launch bulk email marketing software. They can arrange your emails in such a way that will easily pass filters and reach to the potential customers. • Online marketing campaigns If you ever tried any kind of offline marketing campaign via postal services so you know very well about the expense to carry your offer to the customers. Whereas, in an online marketing campaign, you can save the time and money easily. Email marketing just takes only a few seconds to reach instead of days and weeks. It [...]

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Three key charts from our 2016 Email Marketing Census

Email atop the ROI charts Though marketers may seem to have had a love-hate relationship with email as digital has matured, the channel continues to rule the roost for ROI. Almost three-quarters (73%) of company respondents rate email marketing as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ when it comes to ROI. This is up from 66% in 2015. Only 5% rate email poor for ROI. This figure is as high as 26% for display advertising. Email marketing and SEO (organic search) have vied for the top position in the last three years. This year, email marketing wins by 9% (returning ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ ratings). Email under-budgeted? On average, organisations in 2016 are spending 15% of their total marketing budgets on email (see chart below). Both spend and attributable sales increased on 2015. Over the past five years, the survey data shows a correlation between proportion of marketing budget allocated to email and subsequent proportion of sales attributable to email. Though this is perhaps an obvious relationship, it may show an under-appreciation of the channel. Only 15% of the marketing budget accounts for 23% of total sales. Indeed, DMA research in 2015 calculated an average ROI for email at £38 return for every £1 spend. Kath Pay, Founder & Senior Consultant at Holistic Email Marketing, issued a call to arms: Email marketing as a channel is becoming more advanced and consumers are very happy with it (as verified with the revenue and ROI results), it’s now up to the brands to allocate more budget and resources to this successful revenue-generating channel and see how much more revenue they can gain. Automatic for the people Though email solutions are easier than ever to use, there's still a lag in the uptake [...]

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Email Marketing Only Becoming Bigger Priority For Marketers

Email Marketing Only Becoming Bigger Priority For Marketers Email on Acid recently released the results of a survey of 3,550 professionals (including marketers and developers) from last fall, looking at development, design, and marketing trends and behavior in email marketing. Based on this, email marketing is ... Read more on WebProNews 5 Practical Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign Every business needs to grow, and email marketing remains one of the best tools for both reaching and maintaining customers. While a few years ago, marketers were quick to announce that email was dead. This has proven to be far from true. In fact, it's ... Read more on

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Latest Email Marketing News

4 Excellent Email Marketing Ideas for Nonprofits When you think of your nonprofit organization, the first question that comes to mind probably isn't “How am I going to raise awareness through effective email marketing strategies?” While this question may not be the most pressing, initially, there are ... Read more on Business 2 Community 15 ways to improve your email marketing campaigns Of course, there is always room for improvement with any marketing method. So to find out how businesses, especially small and midsized ones, can increase the effectiveness of their email campaigns dozens of email marketers and small business experts ... Read more on CIO Luxury Brands Fail To Segment And Target Customers Strategically In Email ... Most luxury brands are not recognising the potential for effective email marketing, according to a new study produced by customer engagement specialist ContactLab in conjunction with Exane BNP Paribas . The Dawn of Luxury CRM: Email do's and don'ts ... Read more on Forbes

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of advertising a company's goods and services by sending mails to the prospective clients. Such form of promotion helps an advertiser to reach out to the best prospective within a short period. An entrepreneur is able to reach to his potential customers at any time and from any part of the world. This form of marketing is very useful in many ways for promoting a company, its products and services.   For promotion of the products and services through emails, a marketer needs to prepare an opt-in list. An opt-in list includes the list of all those customers who have signed up to receive mails of a specific interest to them. This helps a marketer to mail his advertisements to only those who show interest in his products or services. Before the introduction of this form of promotional method, it was not easy to reach out to the customers abroad. One had to take a trip to an international country, conduct extensive research, implement methods to advertise the products and then close the deal. This consumed resources and time. It was beyond the financial capacity for small and medium sized companies.   However, with the advent of marketing through mail one is able to reach the clients across borders with a click of a button. An entrepreneur reaches his best prospects across borders through internet, which is the most economical means. You are also able to manage complete list of all your clients for the purpose. Technology has turned so advanced that is has developed sophisticated applications to equip a businessperson with such marketing methods. There is Email marketing software with different features available in the market that helps you [...]

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Ray Ban’s 10-month delay in sending post-sales email isn’t as strange as it seems

{elcr} At first I assumed it was a glitch, as Ray-Ban was asking for me to review my ‘recent purchase’. But that strange turn of phrase aside, it’s clear that the email was actually very cleverly timed. Allow me to quickly avail you of the three reasons I’m a fan of this email. The email in question And for more on this topic, book onto our Email Marketing Training Course or check out these posts: Ecommerce consumer reviews: why you need them and how to use them Nine email marketing trends set to dominate 2016 1. The email neatly coincides with the beginning of summer Ray-Ban’s email was cunningly timed to coincide with the clocks going forward, which means it’s technically British summer time. Obviously it’s actually still cold and raining here in London, but the evenings are longer and there is the sense that summer is just around the corner. The email imagery and copy reinforce that feeling and attempt to associate both my sunglasses and the Ray-Ban brand with summertime. This increases the chances that I’ll leave a positive review. 2. I’ve had time to use the product As mentioned, it’s common for post-sales emails to arrive within a few days of the product. For most items this is a good idea, as you strike while the iron is hot and the customer is still excited about whatever it is they bought. Give the customer long enough to get some initial use out of their new item, but don’t wait so long that they’ve lost interest in it. In the case of my sunglasses, you need to remember that I live in England so even though I bought them in the summer there’s [...]

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