IT Marketing Consulting In Phoenix

I have consulted in Chicago, L.A., St Louis and now in Phoenix, Phoenix is a tough market, there seems to be a gluttony of consultants in the fields of marketing, SEO, Page ranking and overall digital marketing. Unfortunately there?s not a gluttony of clients to serve, so your best bet if you?re a consultant in any of these area?s, is to create your own niche, develop a skill, specialty or provide a service that is unique to everyone else in the field. I have done just this, having been in the business for 20 years plus, and been down in the trenches, I know what works and what does not, I have seen the results based on technologies that work and the one that are just fads are the result of they?re own marketing blitz, and fortunately for me and anyone willing to go the extra yard, hard work and innovation are still the keys to success and at Vital Computer Service that?s what we employ. While it seems SEO and first page results by way of Google seem to be hot in the marketing world of Phoenix, Arizona, I still believe there are other avenues to go, gorilla marketing (flyers, resident mailings, cold calling, mass email campaigns etc etc) are still profitable. I also believe that a lot of improvement can be made to the techniques now employed in SEO, and they ware quite simple, my experience here in Phoenix, AZ with others who are in the SEO arena, is that they attempted to flood the internet with meaningless content filled and packed with the keywords and phrases they think will bring the traffic to they?re site, this might work a little for a [...]

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The Future of Content Marketing

Brands recognise that content is a vital way to reach and engage with consumers, whether they’re selling biscuits or bank accounts. What is proving challenging is getting these organisations to realise that content is no longer a bolt-on; something to be added into a website when time allows. Content stretches across every channel of interaction. It is a living thing, evolving as customer needs develop and is as much the remit of the insight or operations departments as it is a creative output. The Future of Content Marketing report, published in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud, examines how content marketing has changed and how brands need to alter their approach to remain current and relevant. Themes explored Data-driven content marketing. Whether overt or not, content is always custom. Bi-directional content. In an omnichannel environment, content is not a one-way communication, it is a conversation. Automation. Customers are aware of the inauthenticity of automated responses to human questions but on the flip side are happy to receive automated content if it is intelligently designed and delivered. Multinational multichannel. Navigating customer segments in a single territory already encourages an exponential growth in the amount of content needed to engage with customers. Moving content across borders only exacerbates the problem. Measurement. The future of content goes far beyond driving results in search or unique web visits. Social. While social platforms are becoming the hub for content conversations, little has changed when it comes to the importance of remaining relevant and authentic on social. Interruption is fine, even in one-to-one messenger conversations, as long as it fits both criteria. Utility. Successful content is always going to be useful content. Methodology The methodology involved two main phases: Phase 1: Desk research to identify relevant issues and opportunities for content marketing, examining the current landscape and how it is evolving. Phase 2: A series of in-depth interviews with a number of senior [...]

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The Truth About Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a new buzzword.  It's spawned its own cottage industry; there are content marketing courses, experts, books, etc.  According to Wikipedia,   "Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information to prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action. Content marketing has benefits in terms of retaining reader attention and improving brand loyalty." That's great and although I'm a big believer in content marketing, an important point to realize though is that content marketing existed well before this term was coined and well before the internet became such a dominate force.  At my firm our focus has always been on content, on valuable information that the public and the media can utilize.  Goodpublic relations firms have been utilizing content marketing for decades.  The concept is not a new one. It's only the spin that's different.  Similarly, media relations experts have been building and developing brands  long before the term "branding" became such a catch all term. The emphasis on the approach, style and content are really not new, what is new is the mode of distribution.  Social media, blogging, online marketing.. those outlets are relatively new.  Still, they are the channels of distributing and disseminating information, they are not the information itself. The new mantra is that "on the net content is king", but in reality content always was.  Whether writing a press release, a white paper, or an article or pitching a TV segment, developing a good story and creating strong content have always been the bottom line.  An effective PR campaign has always depended on strategic content development. The shift is in the medium(s).  Now you can deliver content via the traditional press outlets of TV, magazines, [...]

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Killer Content For Internet Marketing

Professional copywriters call it killer copy, but for anyone involved with internet marketing, success starts with killer content. Let's face it, marketing is about messaging, so if you can't communicate your sales message to potential customers, they'll never buy anything from you. When it comes to messaging, advertising pros talk about the big idea. Every promotion that you write and every marketing piece that you create must have a central, compelling core concept. This forms the central theme of the piece-everything supports it or helps to sell it. Killer content makes the reader want to keep reading. It draws them in, and entices them with an implied promise of value, as long as they stay with you. With each word he or she absorbs, the reader must feel as though they are getting something in return for the time and energy they spend actually reading. By delivering on this implied promise, a network marketer can continue moving the reader towards the desired goal-a sale. Everybody has problems, and everybody wants them solved. Creating killer content first requires that you clearly understand the problems that your target audience faces, and then that you have a solution in place to solve them. Begin crafting your marketing content by establishing the problem, and then focusing the pain. Do this well, and the reader who has this particular problem will be drawn into your copy and will begin to absorb your sales message. Once you've gotten consensus on the problem-readers acknowledge to themselves that this problem exists and that it hurts-you can begin introducing how you will solve it. Of course actually solving their problem will require them to do business with you, but you make it clear that [...]

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Latest Content Marketing News

Content Marketing: If You Build It, They Probably Won't Come As marketers, there are times where we might feel like Kevin Costner, playing Ray Kinsella, standing in a corn field in 1989 and hearing an ethereal voice telling us, “if you build it, he will come.” The iconic line comes from the movie Field of Dreams. Read more on Forbes 5 Content Marketing Ideas for May 2016 Content marketing seeks to attract, engage, and retain customers through the process of creating, publishing, and distributing articles, videos, photos, or similar content. Customers and potential customers read, watch, or listen to the content you make. Read more on Practical Ecommerce

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7 Best Practices for Content Marketing in 2016

7 Best Practices for Content Marketing in 2016 Content marketing has dramatically changed over the past five years. It has gone way beyond merely creating and publishing content, to a full-fledged and full-funnel marketing program. Companies and marketers are looking to feed prospects in different ... Read more on Business 2 Community 5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Results Without Breaking the Bank Join us for a free, live webinar covering social media strategies to increase sales. Tune in 5/17 at 9 a.m. PT. Register Now ». Everyone is talking about how content is king and how one needs to produce a lot of it to succeed online. But not many ... Read more on Entrepreneur Which is more effective, paid advertising or content marketing? Content marketing, on the other hand, has a host of different benefits. Provided you follow best practices for the strategy and seek both onsite and offsite publication, you'll see increased brand visibility, greater brand reputation, higher inbound ... Read more on CIO

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Understand the Power of Content Marketing

An advert was recorded and uploaded to YouTube for people to watch. The advert started off very small and only had a couple views to start with. The whole idea sinks in with those people and they end up telling their friends, family and just about everyone they know when and where they saw the advert. Then you go back to the advert where it was posted and the suddenly there are over a thousand views. Now what happens is even more interesting, because each of those people then go back and tell all of their friends and family about it and so it grows. Eventually you are sitting with an advert that has over a million views and suddenly you have reached your critical number of viewers to help you get the recognition and respect that any brand deserves when they produce a really good advert. That clearly demonstrates the power of content marketing online these days and as long as you come up with unique ideas for your content marketing then you will never go wrong with drawing the attention you want to make your company or brand stand out amongst all the others. Viral advertising is huge on the internet and if you can find someone to help you get the job done right then you should jump at the opportunity to hire them. You will need a specialist to help you create a decent hook for all of your content to help carry the brand whenever someone encounters one of your adverts. It needs to be really catchy, so that people will enjoy it no matter what. They also need to be able to share it easily, so that they don’t [...]

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Mind the Content Marketing Gap

Mind the Content Marketing Gap Article Image The relevance of content marketing continues to rise. Brands that wish to succeed in this area have dramatically increased their investment in creating high-quality content and promoting it effectively. But some have found themselves ... Read more on EContent (press release) Hit more content marketing home runs with these 4 lessons from 300+ campaigns Content marketing results are similar to baseball stats. Over a career, a player will hit a combination of base hits and home runs, and even the best players will occasionally strike out. Similarly, some of your content will be a smash hit, sometimes ... Read more on Marketing Land

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Content Marketing for the new age

Marketing is always going to be a tough job no matter where you do it. Marketing on the internet is no different; in fact it also has a few nuances that are unique to the environment that you never encounter them anywhere else in the marketing field. You have to be aware of all these nuances or you can market yourself until you are blue in the face and you will never get anywhere. The trick to marketing well on the internet is to use content for everything that you do on the web. Content for your products, content for your business, content for your adverts and of course content for your website itself. You need to be able to create fresh and unique stuff that will keep your readers coming back as well as keep the attention of the search engines. Content marketing online means that you have to create content that is always new and never been used any before. The only way to do that is to create it from scratch. Using the same old material from the net is a waste of time unless you can recycle it so much that it doesn’t even resemble the same text. That kind of rewriting takes a fair amount of skill and solid understanding of the language that it is written, in order reword everything in a sensible and cohesive manner. When it comes to text you have a number of useful options that you can use to maximise your reach with it. You can post articles in article databases, you can create a blog that is dedicated to your topic and you have fresh new stuff written for the blog every day. If [...]

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