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Shared Web Hosting – UK Plans


n association with our partners CyberNexus provide: Low Cost Web Hosting , Reliable Web hosting, Private Label Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Dedicated Servers , Server Security Auditing , and Remote Backup / Storage.

Are you sick of having server outages, slow servers, and unreliable connections? CyberNexus brings an end to this. We use the highest quality servers on the market, multi-homed bandwidth, 16Gbps network, Dual Quad Core Servers, Daily Backups, weekly remote backups, 24/7 server monitoring, 99.9% network up time, and amazing customer support.

Many hosting companies will offer you overly cheap web, and dedicated website hosting plans, but oversell their servers and offer you next to no support. Here at CyberNexus we do NOT oversell and go out of our way to help you with your problems. We provide quality, fast, shared website hosting UK, dedicated website hosting uk, and much more at affordable prices. Our support staff are available around the clock to help you build your website and your business. Check out our web hosting Terms & Condition

Why Choose CyberNexus?

Unlike many other hosts we deliver everything we offer, and MORE!

We keep 7 backups of all your files, including a local RAID copy, daily local, weekly local, monthly local, daily offsite, weekly offsite, and monthly offsite backups.

Real people, real responses. 99% of our tickets are replied to within 30 minutes!

Our servers run only the latest hardware with at least Quad CPU, 8GB RAM, and RAID 10. A track record of 99.9+% up time, and 99.9% up time Guaranteed!

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