Lafayette, CO (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

KPA announced today that it has completely overhauled its signature DOT Hazardous Materials Training course. The DOT Hazardous Materials Training course certifies dealership and service center employees to handle hazardous materials based on DOT Hazardous Materials regulations. Revisions in the course give employees more control over the training process, cutting down on the amount of time it normally takes to complete DOT training. In addition, the course incorporates real world examples from dealerships and service centers as part of interactive scenarios that help employees apply what they have learned to their jobs.

DOT Hazmat Certification is required every three years for employees who package, mark, label, load, unload, block, brace, segregate, ship, and/or transport hazardous materials as part of their job. Certification is traditionally a time-intensive process with a “blanket approach” that covers each of these interactions in detail. KPA’s online DOT Hazardous Materials Training course saves time without compromising required information by presenting participants with a series of questions based on their job functions. This way, employees can choose to opt-out of sections where they don’t need certification, although employees who need full certification will still need to take the complete course.

The online DOT Hazardous Materials course features activities like determining which common car parts are hazardous, deciding whether or not you’re qualified to handle certain hazardous materials situations, selecting the correct packaging for hazardous materials, and filling out shipping papers. “There isn’t another online course like it on the market, especially not one that’s tailored to the automotive industry,” says Eric Schmitz, Vice President of Products and Business Development at KPA. “KPA’s online DOT course offers the most personalized experience and highest level of relevant interactivity currently available on the market.”

“A good online training course involves active engagement to make the process more understandable, more relevant, and more effective,” says Schmitz. “KPA’s training course development team applied the principles of active course engagement to the new DOT Hazardous Materials course, and the result is an online course that helps employees improve job performance.”

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