I have consulted in Chicago, L.A., St Louis and now in Phoenix, Phoenix is a tough market, there seems to be a gluttony of consultants in the fields of marketing, SEO, Page ranking and overall digital marketing. Unfortunately there?s not a gluttony of clients to serve, so your best bet if you?re a consultant in any of these area?s, is to create your own niche, develop a skill, specialty or provide a service that is unique to everyone else in the field.

I have done just this, having been in the business for 20 years plus, and been down in the trenches, I know what works and what does not, I have seen the results based on technologies that work and the one that are just fads are the result of they?re own marketing blitz, and fortunately for me and anyone willing to go the extra yard, hard work and innovation are still the keys to success and at Vital Computer Service that?s what we employ.

While it seems SEO and first page results by way of Google seem to be hot in the marketing world of Phoenix, Arizona, I still believe there are other avenues to go, gorilla marketing (flyers, resident mailings, cold calling, mass email campaigns etc etc) are still profitable. I also believe that a lot of improvement can be made to the techniques now employed in SEO, and they ware quite simple, my experience here in Phoenix, AZ with others who are in the SEO arena, is that they attempted to flood the internet with meaningless content filled and packed with the keywords and phrases they think will bring the traffic to they?re site, this might work a little for a while, but Google?s spiders are smarter than that, Google?s spiders are looking for value packed content

And not over use of keywords, I would not be surprised if based on a site and it?s content that they are doing same keyword counts and using this as negative criteria. The point to all of this ?Hard Work?, if you are going flood the internet with links, content, keyword, let them have value, let them point to sites with value, let the content be something that can help somebody, or something they?re looking for, and not just filler they copied and pasted from other sites, or that they have gotten from one of the many article search and steal applications currently on the market! There I have said it, exposed some of the fakery called SEO tools, it?s ok to have a distribution application for articles and video?s make the articles and video?s valuable!

Time they are a changing, your going to start seeing more companies that are legit, are green, have an abundance of integrity, get aboard this wave, be apart of the solution for a change because it?s coming, people can take some much of they?re money being taken!

And when come to realize this and start practicing these principles, we all take part of a wonderful thing called commerce and everyone will make money because guess what there is plenty for everybody to make, have, spend, there is no need for greed based on a belief in lack, that is what the lowly believe and that is where is greed is bred.

The sooner we, the marketing industry and the world, we will all start living prosperity as it was meant to be, there are just a few people on this earth that believe the abundance before us is only enough for a few, but at Vital Computer Services and Consulting, we believe this is not true, we build our goals, our reputation and our business techniques based on the good of all, and the world can supply every one on the planet with a prosperous life.


Michael Robert Cummings