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Five tips to maximize your mailing list signups

Include a signup form on every page One of the most effective ways to drive mailing list subscriptions is to invite users to subscribe on as frequent a basis as possible. A dead simple way to do this is to include a signup form on every page of your website. Location can vary; some sites feature signup forms in headers, sidebars or in the middle of page content, while others place them less conspicuously in page footers. Obviously, the more prominent the positioning, the more likely it is that users will see the form, so as a general rule, footer signup forms don't work as well. The New York Times includes signup forms for its email newsletters in article content. Make sure the call-to-action is descriptive if not compelling The appeal of signing up to your mailing list might be obvious to you, but is it obvious to your users? A compelling call-to-action is an incredibly important factor in driving mailing list signups, but far too many companies still use weak calls-to-action like "sign up for our email list." Calls-to-action should always describe the value provided. For example, "sign up for our email list to receive exclusive offers" or "sign up for our mailing list and get early access to special events" is a reasonably strong call-to-action. High-end retailer Barneys New York might have a well-known brand, but its call-to-action on the email signup form below leaves a lot to be desired. In some cases, it can be worthwhile to employ calls-to-action that encourage users to subscribe with a direct incentive. For instance, some retailers offer the promise of a coupon in exchange for a signup ("sign up for our email list and receive 25% off [...]

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Email Marketing Industry Census 2017

The 11th annual Email Marketing Industry Census, published in partnership with Adestra, is based on the largest UK survey of email marketers. The census takes an in-depth look at email practices being adopted, the resources being dedicated to email and the channel's effectiveness compared to other types of marketing. Personalisation, marketing automation, optimisation for different devices and the future of email are all themes that are revisited in this year's Census, and there are also new questions about the use of metrics, the application of artificial intelligence and the impact of Brexit on how companies are approaching the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With 11 years' worth of data to assess, this provides an unparalleled opportunity to measure the state of the industry and find out how those at the coalface of email marketing are operating. Over 1,000 respondents took part in the 2017 Census, which took the form of an online survey in February and March 2017. What you'll learn Find out how a variety of trends around email practices, budgets and opinions have changed over 11 years. Discover other marketers' opinions on what the future of email will look like. Benchmark your own practices with the activities of marketers maximising their email efforts. Understand the challenges organisations are facing in improving their email capabilities. Key findings from the report Marketers get to grips with automation, helped by improved technology Email reigns supreme when it comes to delivering ROI, though companies must do more to measure success Companies are still under-investing in a channel which drove an estimated £29bn in UK online retail sales in 2016 Companies continue to adapt to consumer use of different devices True personalisation at scale remains elusive for many businesses, though more companies [...]

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IT Marketing Consulting In Phoenix

I have consulted in Chicago, L.A., St Louis and now in Phoenix, Phoenix is a tough market, there seems to be a gluttony of consultants in the fields of marketing, SEO, Page ranking and overall digital marketing. Unfortunately there?s not a gluttony of clients to serve, so your best bet if you?re a consultant in any of these area?s, is to create your own niche, develop a skill, specialty or provide a service that is unique to everyone else in the field. I have done just this, having been in the business for 20 years plus, and been down in the trenches, I know what works and what does not, I have seen the results based on technologies that work and the one that are just fads are the result of they?re own marketing blitz, and fortunately for me and anyone willing to go the extra yard, hard work and innovation are still the keys to success and at Vital Computer Service that?s what we employ. While it seems SEO and first page results by way of Google seem to be hot in the marketing world of Phoenix, Arizona, I still believe there are other avenues to go, gorilla marketing (flyers, resident mailings, cold calling, mass email campaigns etc etc) are still profitable. I also believe that a lot of improvement can be made to the techniques now employed in SEO, and they ware quite simple, my experience here in Phoenix, AZ with others who are in the SEO arena, is that they attempted to flood the internet with meaningless content filled and packed with the keywords and phrases they think will bring the traffic to they?re site, this might work a little for a [...]

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The Rise in Social Media Marketing

http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/19a3fc3730/moonesta-what-drug-companies-don-t-tell-you Are you keeping up? Over the last few years social media has grown and grown, with Facebook and Twitter dominating the space. The popularity has not only grown among consumers it is slowly taking over all aspects of business life too, with marketers ensuring that social media is implemented into marketing strategies - according to recent research two thirds of companies say that social media provides tremendous opportunities for their business. The key long term purpose of social media marketing is to build brand awareness, increase engagement with customers and suppliers and increase traffic to your website which subsequently raises the probability of converting those visitors into customers. The social media leader In July 2010 the number of people using Facebook reached to an almighty 500 billion users, making Facebook the clear leader of the global social networking phenomenon. According to recent research, Facebook is the second most visited website in the UK ? 1 in 6 internet pages viewed in the UK was a Facebook page. Therefore, as Facebook continues to evolve the benefits for businesses to get involved are endless. Businesses can create their own company ?page? on Facebook and customers and suppliers can share their experiences, post reviews and the company can promote special offers, news and more importantly, link back to their own website. Tweet tweet As of June 2010, close to 125 million people use Twitter, an online based service that lets people ? and organisations ? send frequent and short updates to their followers. Twitter is extremely valuable to organisations large and small because it is much more instant and interactive than any other online channel available. Customer service/reputation management Social media marketing doesn?t just provide another [...]

Beyond Brexit

In the early days since what the media seems obliged to refer to as 'The Shock Referendum Result', wild predictions abounded as to what Brexit would mean for business. The pound fell, climbed then fell again. Depending on who you listened to, major multinationals were pulling staff out of the UK, or pouring cash in. The only thing that was certain was that nothing was certain. There was a strong temptation to shut up shop until the lunacy had passed. While a single referendum in this island nation sent shockwaves around the world, it was not the first – nor will it be the last – major event to threaten to throw businesses off course. Now, time has delivered some perspective on the issue. In Beyond Brexit, Econsultancy looks back on the lessons marketers must learn. We examine how brands can future-proof their strategies against similar periods of uncertainty, establish contingencies and create enough organisational agility to roll with the political, economic and cultural punches. Folding in learnings from our sister publications Marketing Week, Design Week and Creative Review, the report explores the global impact of Brexit on digitally-driven, marketing-led brands from the perspectives of talent, data, technology and analytics. These four areas are the ones most likely to be impacted by Brexit and yet are also most capable of stabilising business in uncertain times. Research from Econsultancy

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Five ways to utilize your data to increase sales

Only 0.5% of data available is used, as the sheer amount and complexity of the data intimidates companies. Many believe that only large enterprises have the resources to utilize big data, yet small businesses can easily take advantage of it as well.   Making sense of this information can be overwhelming, but once you discover a way to integrate it into your own decision-making process, you’ll quickly realize the myriad of new sales opportunities that are now at your disposal.  1. Analyze old data Your historical sales data holds valuable information that can be leveraged to improve sales efforts at each stage of the funnel. By identifying which sales tactics work best, you’ll be able to gradually refine your approach and improve conversion rates each time. In order to do this, gather all of your data from past leads, opportunities and sales transactions and input them into a CRM software. With all of your historical data stored and organized in one place, you’ll be able to analyze which strategies worked best for each customer or product segment. Historical data can also be used to improve sales forecasts, allowing you to identify high-value targets and better allocate potential opportunities and new leads. Having your sales team concentrate on only the most promising opportunities will rapidly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales efforts. 2. Optimize pricing Pricing can be one of the biggest challenges of introducing a new product. Pricing too high can drive customers away, yet pricing too low can erode your profit margins and even customer perception. In addition to external research (e.g. tracking the competitive landscape and market opportunity), carefully analyze past transactions and your customer base. Using data from your CRM [...]

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Secrets of Elite Analytics Practices

Overview The pursuit of growth through improved customer experience is driving companies in every sector to build new capabilities in customer analytics and improve on existing ones. This report explores the relationship between these efforts and business results. Secrets of Elite Analytics Practices, produced by Econsultancy in association with IBM, examines a variety of different disciplines within analytics for their maturity and impact on key performance indicators. The report is based on a survey of 225 executives at the director level and above at organizations reporting revenues over $ 250 million in 2015. Respondents were also qualified based on geography and knowledge of ecommerce, marketing and analytics. Better information leads to happier, more profitable customers. This logic is borne out by results; companies with strong capabilities in multiple disciplines of customer analytics see an advantage over their peers in tangible metrics such as conversion rate, customer satisfaction and even revenue growth rate. Key topics covered The relationship between the strength of specific capabilities and results. The ranked benefits of analytics practices. The meaningful differences in customer journey analysis between companies with strong and weak capabilities. The important challenges to overcome for companies wanting to elevate their analytics practices. The analytical capability that correlates with the greatest improvement on conversion rate. Download the report to learn more. Research from Econsultancy

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Econsultancy’s Certificate in Digital Marketing & Google AdWords Qualified Individual Certification – Singapore

Course benefits Econsultancy and ClickAcademy Asia are proud to launch the first world-class Certificate in Digital Marketing programme in Singapore catering to senior managers and marketing professionals who want to understand digital marketing effectively in the shortest time possible. Participants who complete the programme requirement will be awarded the Econsultancy's Certificate in Digital Marketing and Google AdWords Qualified Individual Certificate. The double certification programme is uniquely positioned to deliver these benefits: Course content and curriculum provided by Econsultancy of UK, the world leading digital marketing best practice community and publisher with 250,000+ subscribers Certification in Google AdWords, a highly sought-after professional qualification by Google for digital marketing professionals 3 free credits to download 3 Econsultancy reports (worth USD695/report) from Econsultancy's portal containing 500,000+ pages of digital marketing resources, reports and best practice guides Short 8-week course with lesson once or twice a week Practical and real-life training by certified digital marketing practitioners Conducted locally in Singapore with ‘live’ face-to-face training, and not webinars or online learning Econsultancy's Reports (Complimentary) FREE 3 Credits to download Econsultancy's reports from Econsultancy's portal containing 500,000+ pages of digital marketing resources, reports and best practice guides. Course Details This double certification course is a 8-week part-time programme for working professionals who intend to upgrade their knowledge in digital marketing. Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will obtain a double certification, and are awarded the Certificate in Digital Marketing (powered by Econsultancy) and the Google AdWords Individual Qualification.  This is a part-time programme with 64 contact hours (total 8 days) spread over 8 weeks. Participants will only be certified after passing the Google AdWords exams and the digital marketing project, and complete at least 52 contact hours.  The part-time programme covers topics ranging from the overview [...]

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Simple email subject lines are failing to engage consumers: stats

However, new research by Touchstone has discovered that blind dedication to this cause could be the reason why many recipients are failing to read your emails. Using its new technology to test on virtual recipients instead of real life subscribers, Touchstone actually found that the greater the language complexity, the better the click and open rates. First, a bit more information... Methodology For its study, Touchstone used two methodologies. The first was the Coleman–Liau index, which relies on the number of characters in a word instead of syllables. The second was the Automatic Readability index, which like Coleman-Liau, primarily uses the number of characters to gauge the understandability of a piece of text.  The text is then classified by the US grade system, ranging from being understandable by a child in kindergarten through to the level of an undergraduate university student.  Other methods might use the number of syllables in a word to define complexity, but the Touchstone algorithm is not currently programmed to think in terms of syllables. Examples of subject lines: Grade 2-3 Rewards Coupons, Fri. and Sat. Big flight savings Don't miss these awesome deals Grade 6-7 You qualify! Because you're an email subscriber: awesome savings in top destinations Tired of always looking exhausted? ORDER GIFT CARDS FEE-FREE: PERFECT FOR GRADUATES University  Easy, flameless, effective. Cute odor-neutralizing Fragrance Spheres. Just $ 5.49 Designs with Character (Literally!) Budget-Friendly Swimsuits, Embarrassing Prom Moments, and More What it found Touchstone’s study involved analysing 675,000 subject lines and the results of 41bn sent emails.  First, all subject lines in the database were categorised according to understandability using the two chosen methodologies, before determining whether the language complexity had any impact on open rate, clickthrough rate or [...]

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The Japan Digital Report

The Japan Digital Report aims to provide background for marketers who are outside of Japan and currently marketing in Japan, thinking of launching a campaign there, or even just curious about the country and its digital landscape. Additionally, the report provides detailed information about marketing on LINE, the most culturally significant digital platform in Japan presently. Through the data, the charts and the commentary, the report will help marketers looking to make a case for investing more in the country and provide a foundation for further research. Topics covered include: Demographics. How does Japan compare to the rest of the world? Digital readiness. What is the current state of internet and mobile technology in the country? Digital landscape. What are the main web, social, search, video and ecommerce sites in the country, and how do they operate? Research from Econsultancy

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