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10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

E veryone is talking about social media marketing but why is it important to your business? Social media has become such a phenomenon that many businesses incorporate it as an important part of their marketing campaigns to reach their customers. It’s a part of their core communications plan. The avenues and the advantages that social media provide is vast and if you don’t act fast, your competitors will zoom ahead of you leveraging it to their advantage. In order to stay ahead you have to understand how these platforms can be channeled and plan accordingly.

Social media provides everyone with an online presence on more or less the same level. The tools and platforms that the internet provides, enable you to build your brand on a colossal level, that’s way beyond your brochure. The power of a mailing list and an interactive website should not be underestimated; Social media tools drive web traffic to your website where customers can browse through your products.

The 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report stated that over 85% of marketers saw a boost in their business exposure when they used social media as a means to promote their brand name. Social media creates a sense o f familiarity and develops the bond of trust prevalent in our network

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The following are just some of the advantages that social media have to offer;

Especially Google. Social media is synonymous with SEO. Due to its interactive nature, social media is always on the top of Google’s search results along with related keywords. Determining what your target audience searches for and utilizing those keywords in you social media platforms and blogs keep you on the top of search results ages.

Companies often worry that there will also be negative feedback and/ or circulation, but this is not a problem as you can immediately and directly respond to these negative comments; you can also respond to issues regarding products that they may bring up. Depending on how well you handle the situation, you can turn unhappy clients into loyal customers.

A prospective client will always do research before he buys a product. He will look for alternatives, evaluate these alternatives according to certain criteria and look for other people’s suggestions and recommendations. When people see that your company has a strong social media presence, they will understand that you brand is trustworthy and dependable.

The average customer loves good value you can use this fact to present informative content to your customer, therefore exposing your brand to him. Customers will support your brand if they like your approach and the value that you can offer them.

Using your social media platform to acquire feedback from customers creates a transparent look, customers will like the fact that they can get up close & personal. People are most likely to buy products from the brand that they trust and the only way to foster this trust is to interact with you customers.

Loyal customers will send out their recommendations to others therefore creating a valuable word of mouth. Content is designed to generate awareness and actions; people will comment, like, share, tweet and pin you in the social media of your choice. This means that your brand is getting a positive circulation among your target clients.

Social media provides a means for two-way communication that allows you to interact with your clients. Usually direct marketing messages don’t work in these platforms.

Once you have a social media presence, you will slowly start to build a fan base around it. By interacting with the people that form a part of your brand community, you will discover that there will be leaders who have their own network and may be indirectly influencing them in terms of brand names and product usage. Building these relationships can help your brand get a wider reach.

Professionals- either a group of or an individual is using some type of social media portals like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to reach their potential clients. The popularity of these mediums is largely due to the number of users that they have registered. Facebook.com has over a billion users, LinkedIn has more than 160 million from 200+ countries, this number increases at a rate of two new members per second. A large number of users translate into a large number of customers. Since you target market is online doing just about everything from chatting, sharing, commenting and seeing a number of ads from different companies, isn’t it time that you created an online presence.

Just like any other marketing trend, social media is catching on fast which means that your competition is probably ahead of you. You can even search for them on Google by typing out: “Your Niche + Facebook” or the name of any social media platform.

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